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However, hosting a great poker night is no different than hosting any other event so there’s a few things to keep in mind.Not trying to guess them psychically, think of grease and oil stains. Having snacks and food is a great way to pass the time and keep people from getting too drunk but consider...

Poker night is the epitome of a guys night in. Getting your closest friends and sitting around a green feltPreparing everything may take some planning if you’ve never hosted a poker night before, soA big part of any poker night is the food and drinks. It’s important to have a variety of options in case... How to organize your ultimate poker night | Food Poker night ingredients. A Place. Obviously, you need somewhere to hold the game.Friday evenings are usually perfect for poker night, because they allow everyone to wind down after work and since no one has to go to the office the next day, the game can last longer. Poker In Pubs | How To Run A Pub Over the last few years hosting poker nights in pubs has become an increasing feature in many pubs’ entertainment programs, they bring new custom andHowever, the law on betting and pubs (The Gambling Act 2005) is quite specific and if you are, or are considering hosting a poker night in your... Poker Night Snacks Whether you do a poker night every weekend with friends, or ever month - odds are, it will be your turn to host sooner or later. We've got a goodIf you are serving or allowing guests to bring alcohol, always make sure that there is food, water and other non-alcoholic beverages available at all times.

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Hi all, The BF is going to be hosting a guys-night poker party at our place for a few of his friends. I told him I'd coordinate the food for him. Hosting an Awesome Poker Game at Home: Drinks and Snacks ...

Cooking for the dude's poker night It's cliche -- as the lady of the house, I get to cook a whole meal for the poker night crew of dudes and then not get to eat it. It has to be the standard fare -- chili, pork bbq, pizza, etc. Nothing interesting.

What food could I serve for poker night? | Yahoo Answers I'm hosting poker night for 8-10 people and I was wondering what would be the best food to serve. Sandwiches are too boring. I was thinking nachos with dip, or deviled eggs, pita chips, etc etc etc.. i also want to serve something sweet, like cake or something... or would that be too much?? How to Host a Poker Night - While you’re undeniably ace as a skilled poker player, you may come shorthanded when hosting a memorable game night with the guys. If you’re going to provide the space, you’ll need to hit ...

The perfect guys night: Playing poker in a grand room, cigar in hand, sipping a great whiskey, with good food at hand.Von Gootkin sat down with The Manual to teach us how to host the perfect gentleman’s poker night, complete with real clay betting chips and red velvet smoking jacket.

If the poker game will be the centerpiece of the night, place the table in a central location like a living room. But make sure that there is easy access to other spaces if a player needs to stretch their legs or visit the restroom. Home Poker League Ideas Food. As with any other party, hosting a poker night can last at least 3 hours which means you need to prepare food for guests to munch on while they are playing the game. Where to Play | Buffalo Pub Poker